A simple HTML, CSS, and Javascript website template to help promote Windows Store applications.

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Latest version: 0.1


  • Metro UI, branding, and Microsoft SurfaceTM smooth screenshot slider.
  • Fully configurable branding and content.
  • Customizeable and extensible UI built with Twitter Bootstrap and BootMetro
  • Includes privacy policy template, which is required to publish in the Windows Store.
  • Integrates with UserVoice and Google Analytics to help you manage your app's presence online.
  • Download from Github


MetroAppSite helped me get an amazing, professional-looking template up and running for my Windows Store app in minutes!
- Aaron Stannard, Ex-Microsoftie
I ran out of material for stock testimonials, but you get the idea!
- Cenk Ayberkin, MarkedUp Developer


MetroAppSite MVC by MarkedUp Analytics for Windows 8